Pi-Star How To: Preserve log files between reboots

The Pi-Star file system stores many files in volatile memory (RAM) which is naturally lost upon rebooting.
Files located in RAM have the advantage of fast access times but they do take away from available memory.
One of the advantages of preserving the log files over reboots is that we can go back at a later time to investigate their contents.

Step 1: change the file system table

File: /etc/fstab

Comment out all lines which start with
tempfs   /var/log
tempfs   /var/lib/....
by placing a # in front of tempfs.

You should have a total of 7 lines commented out

Step 2: change the way log files are cleared out

File: /usr/local/sbin/pistar-daily.cron

Find "# Purge the logs older than...", should be around line #45

The next line determines how many days the Pi-Star log files are kept:
rm -f $(find /var/log/pi-star/*.log -type f -mtime +5 -print)
change the number after -mtime to one day less than what you want.

The following line should be commented out:
#rm -f $(find /var/log/ -type f -mtime +0 -print | grep .gz)
It removes files which are handled autoamtically by logrotate