G4KLX running headless (without Desktop GUI)

Credit for this article goes to K6JM.

If you want the two programs (dstarrepeater and ircddbgateway) to start up without the console and GUI, G4KLX provides daemon versions of his programs, in this case, dstarrepeaterd and ircddbgatewayd. To have these launched at startup rather than the GUI versions, do the following:

Start LXTerminal and enter:

sudo nano /home/pi/.config/autostart/start_repeater.desktop

In the editor find the line that launches dstarrepeater –gui; add a ‘d’ after dstarrepeater and remove –gui save and exit nano 

sudo nano /home/pi/.config/autostart/start_gateway.desktop

find the line that launches ircddbgateway –gui; add a ‘d’ after ircddbgateway and remove –gui save and exit nano

When the daemon versions are running, to make configuration changes, just open LXTerminal:

sudo killall -9 dstarrepeaterd
sudo killall -9 ircddbgatewayd

From the desktop, launch D-Star Config, then Gateway Config to configure the programs.