Raspberry Pi How To: Change hostname.

After you have configured your hotspot and you RaPi is up and running you may want to change the hostname of the Pi. The hostname is what you see when you log in by command line, at the top of your VNC window, in network connections and many other places. The default name is normally "raspberry" or "raspberrypi".

A suitable name such as YOUR_CALL_SIGN followed by "hsp" is more meaningful that "raspberry" (especially if you have multiple fruit pi's with the same name). Mine are called "vk3erwhsp" (home hotspot) and "vk3erwmobile" (mobile hotspot).

To change the hostname follow these instructions:

Open Terminal and execute the following command.

sudo raspi-config
Use the cursor keys to move the red line to "Advanced Options" then hit enter.
Move the red line to "Hostname" and hit enter.

Click OK on the next screen (after reading it, so you understand what's acceptable in a hostname).

Enter YOUR desired host name/hotspot name  in this screen, use Tab key to move the cursor to OK, the hit enter.
Using the Tab key move the cursor to "Finish" and hit enter.

 Reboot the Pi and you enjoy your new hostname.