G4KLX configuration backup on Raspberry Pi

Once you have the G4KLX D-Star hotspot/repeater commissioned on the Raspberry Pi you should back up your configuration files.

If you have access to the Desktop this process is not difficult:

  1. On the desktop, launch the File Manager (2nd Icon from bottom left hand corner) PCManFM
  2. Menu -> View -> Select "Show Hidden" 
  3. Go to /etc folder (you can enter the directory path in the top tool bar)
  4. Plug in a USB stick (formatted with MS-DOS FAT32 will work, I haven't tested other formats)
  5. A desktop notification window will appear to advise "Removable medium is inserted".
  6. Select "Open in File Manager" and click "OK"
  7. You will now have a second File Manager window showing the contents of the USB stick.
  8. Drag the file "ircddbgateway" from the /etc folder into the USB stick folder
  9. Do the same for the file "dstarrepeater"
  10. Click the eject icon next to the USB in the left hand navigation pane.
  11. I get an error message at this point but the USB is ejected. 

Congratulations, you now have a backup of your D-Star repeater and Gateway configuration.