I completed my Amateur Radio F-call exam in 2013, my Standard exam 2 weeks later and finally my full call exam 3 weeks after the Standard. Due to extended maritime activities in QLD I was assigned VK4ERW in October 2021.

My QTH is Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, Grid Square QF33ku.

My HF base station transceiver is an Icom IC-7300.
HF Antennas:
- A 22mt long wire with an Icom AH-4
- A Off Centre Fed (OCF) dipole 80-6mt - details here.

My HF maritime station is an IC-7100 with and AH-130 tuner and a backstay antenna and a Pactor modem. This station is installed on Moonglade, a Martzcraft 46 sailign vessel operating out of Manly QLD.

Operating Modes:
I like all digital modes, particularly keen on DStar.
Digital Modes are great - FT8 is my favourite.
Also using Pactor while Maritime Mobile.

My shack also contains an Icom ID-5100 for local contacts on 2mt and 70cm and to work my D-Star hotspot.

I run an MMDVM board on a Raspberry Pi with Pi-Star at home and use my Icom ID-51A when out and about. My vehicle is also equipped with an Icom ID5100.

I enjoy getting out and about with the radio to activate National Parks (WWFF) and Summits On The Air (SOTA).

For my portable setup I use an Elecraft KX3 (or the FT-857D from the vehicle) connected to an inverted-V antenna supported by a squidpole. I also have a Buddipole and Buddistick but the inverted-V tends to get used more during my QRP operations.

In my vehicle I have installed an Icom ID-5100 and a Yaesu FT-857D - more details and photos in this article.

If I am mobile in my home area or sitting in my shack you can contact me via our local repeater VK2RAY. My hotspot is normally linked to REF0091C.

My other interests include sailing, camping and scouting (currently active as Venturer Leader in 1st Baranduda Scout Group).

For those that enjoy QSL cards: If you send one to me I will send you a reply QSL card via Buerau.