Simplex Hotspot to Duplex Repeater

Instructions to convert a simplex hotspot to a duplex repeater using a GMSK modem:

The Moencomm Star*board configuration needs to be changed to allow for duplex operation:

Once that is done proceed to the G4KLX software (e.g. on your Raspberry Pi).

Before changing configurations you need to exit the repeater and gateway programs by clicking on the cross in the right hand top corner.

In the D-Star Repeater configuration make the following changes: 

Under the Callsign tab change the Mode field to "Duplex". With the "File" -> "Save" command write the changes to the configuration file.

Next open the ircDDB Gateway configuration:

Under the Gateway tab change the Type to "Repeater"

Under the Repeater1 tab enter the correct frequency and offset.

File -> Save to store the new configuration.

Now restart repeater and gateway and enjoy.