G4KLX RaPi setup notes

If you are looking for G4KLX hotspot setup instructions they are located in this article.

Here are some notes on minor items which I found valuable while setting up the G4KLX image on the RaspberryPi:

  • D-Star Repeater / Gateway configuration gets overwritten if you execute the configuration program while D-Star Repeater / Gateway is running.
    Fix: Quit D-Star Repeater / Gateway application, modify and save configuration, start D-Star Repeater / Gateway application.
    Note: changing the configuration files via command line (e.g. nano) doesn’t work either, the files appear to be overwritten when the D-Star Repeater / Gateway application exits.
  • DPRS not working:
    Status display “Waiting”. Fix: Disable ircDDB then D-PRS status comes up “Active” and APRS beacons are transmitted.
  • Configuration files for D-Star Repeater / Gateway are  stored in /etc folder and named "dstarrepeater" and "ircddbgateway".
  • automatic startup files are located in /home/pi/.config/autostart/
  • Instructions to install the Dashboard - http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-lighttpd-with-php5-php-fpm-and-mysql-support-on-debian-wheezy.