Hotspot remote reboot / shutdown

The ability reboot and shutdown your hotspot via the radio is a very handy function and helps comply with the remote "remote shutdown" requirement for repeaters.

To enable this functionality you need to change settings in 2 tabs of the repeater configuration.

"Control 1" Tab:

  1. Set Control to "Enabled"
  2. Enter RPT1 Callsign
  3. Enter RPT2 Callsign

"Control 2" Tab:

define a halt and reboot command and enter the corresponding command line as show below: 

Radio settings:

In your radio you define a "new" repeater, the same a your normal repeater definition except the Callsign field is set to "CONTROL". You also need to name this repeater appropriately - something like "MyRpt Ctrl". This is done in the "DV Memory" "Repeater List".

You will also need to define the REBOOT and HALT command in "DV Memory" "Your Call Sign" (That's the same spot where all the "U", I", "E" and reflector link commands reside).

To use the reboot function

  • Put the rail in DR mode
  • Select the Control repeater defined in above step (e.g. "MyRpt Ctrl") in the FROM field
  • Select "REBOOT" in the TO field

Check the correct selection via the "CS" button on your radio:

  • R2: VK3ERW G (or whatever your defined in Control Tab 1)
  • MY: VKxxxx

A short press of the PTT should see the repeater reboot.

This type of setup provides protection against accidental shutdown as it requires both, the TO and the FROM, field to be changed before the RaPi will reboot/shutdown. Although it is possible to set your normal call sign in the "Control 1" tab "RPT 1 Callsign", this type of setup means an accidental bump of the dial which changes the TO field from CQCQCQ to HALT could cause an unintended shutdown.